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10 Reasons We Are Addicted To Daniel Kenosi

Controversial journalist Daniel Kenosi is one of the biggest online journalists to ever emerge out of this country. Love him or hate him, his face-book page has a following which is about to make a hundred thousand likes of people who just love reading his posts. Find out why so many people love this young man.


  1. We Simply Love Gossip– We love to see what local celebrities and ordinary people are up to in their lives. It doesn’t matter if its good or bad, we just want to know.
  2. He Represents Our Minds– Daniel Kenosi most of the time posts about things that are on our minds but we are afraid of saying them out because we fear being victimized. So Daniel Kenosi puts heavy stuff on our behalf.
  3.  He Helps Protect Society– Using gossip to alert others to potential trouble can lower the chances unprepared people will be victimized. Daniel Kenosi is not afraid of naming and shaming wrongdoers, henceforth protecting potential victims.
  4. We Love Pillow Charts– Dan Kenosi’s edition of pillow charts keeps us glued to his page. He gives sex tips and ask questions that we are shy to ask the next person.
  5. He Helps With Self-Improvement– Not all his gossip is negative.He often puts positive stories about people who are doing well for themselves and that makes us want to be better people and strive for the best.
  6. We Are Able To Stay Away From Danger– Negative gossip was also helpful, as it provided information on what not to do to risk your reputation.Receiving gossip about other people is a valuable source of knowledge about ourselves, because we implicitly compare ourselves with the people we hear gossip about.
  7. We Have Morbid Curiosity– We have this thing about us of being fascinated by bad things, so when Dan posts explicit or negative stuff, he satisfy that need of us, of knowing or seeing things that are out of line.
  8. He Keeps Us Updated- If you want to get the local or international latest scoops, then Daniel is your man. He has data on political figures, artists, radio and television presenters and even unknown people.
  9. He Improves Our Entertainment Scene- Daniel Kenosi constantly talks about celebrities, and you know what they say about publicity, whether its bad or good, its still publicity.
  10. He Brings Us Closer To Local Celebrities-  Our celebrities keep to themselves. They are not that visible on social media, and Daniel Kenosi digs them from the cave and writes about what they are up to.




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