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5 possible reasons why you are failing to get a job

Unemployment is sure in the rise in all developing countries but sometimes we are unable to find employment because of a number of reasons which us alone can solve. In today’s edition we give you a few pointers how what could be the reason.

1. You don’t really know what you’re looking for

If you haven’t decided where you want your career to go yet, stop job hunting and start thinking.It’s beneficial to make a list of all the professions/industries you may be interested in as a starting point. While making your list, be sure to think about what your natural strengths are and what you enjoy.

2.You haven’t set yourself any goals

It can be hard to keep your motivation levels up when conducting your job search.

3.Employers are ghosting you

Do you feel like you’re sending your CV into oblivion because you’re just not hearing back from anyone?This is one of the most demotivating and frustrating parts of job hunting. However, the good news is that you can turn it around. The obvious problem here would be your CV. Stop firing out applications and take some time to re-read and review what you’re saying there and whether it fits with the roles you are applying for.

4.You’re not following up on applications

If you don’t hear back from employers after a couple of weeks then get in touch with them.

5.You’re falling at the final hurdle

Have you had a number of interviews but they’re just not resulting in job offers? If this is the case, then it’s time to brush up on your interview techniques.



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