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Berry Heart Says The Dragon Tattoo On Her Boob Isn’t Just Some Ink

Flambouyant poet and artist Berry Heart says the dragon tattoo on her boob isn’t just some decoration as many may think. She says the tattoo is significant and shows that she is just as powerful as a dragon.

The Dipalametse star says  the tattoo speaks power and grandeur, luck and wisdom the qualities she believes can be found in both her and a dragon.

In many cultures, the dragon’s fierce, majestic presence makes it a symbol of virtuous qualities, such as bravery, intelligence and ambition which would support her choice of tattoo on her breast. Berry Heart disclosed that she has never applied for a job in her life. Instead, straight after university she buried her head in her corporate branding company, which has since attracted notable business partners.

Berry Heart recently collaborated on a song with an Idian artist Ekam Maanuke and the video for  the song titled Pyaar is available on Youtube.

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