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Dealing with anxiety

In a world driven by the notion survival of the fittest,some of the youth keep getting tripped over and over that at the end of the day they succumb to scorched mental health.Anxiety among others is one of the most frequent mental illnesses that attacks the youth all over the world.Here is how you can do heal yourself from Anxiety;


Try exercises that relieve anxiety. Studies have shown that regular exercise relieves symptoms of everyday anxiety and also helps to treat anxiety disorders. It improves feelings of well-being both while you’re exercising and for hours afterward.Cardiovascular exercises such as running or biking as well as weight training and other muscle-building exercises all serve the purpose of reducing anxiety.

2.Work on something you are passionate about

Do something you love. Often, anxiety builds up when you don’t get a chance to detox from life’s problems. Take at least ten minutes during your day to practice a hobby or pastime which brings you peace. This may be reading, playing sports, playing music, or making art. Giving yourself an outlet will help to remove the anxiety from your mind both immediately and in the long run.

3.Take out sometime and be with family

Relax at home with friends and family. When you’re at home you should be totally anxiety free. Your home, and the people you love, should be your sanctuary. When you are dealing with a lot of anxiety, take some time and relax at home. Make sure that you give yourself ample time to spend with those closest to you, in happy and non-stressful scenarios.

4.Take it slow

Don’t overwhelm yourself. If you keep a busy schedule, bring work back with you from the office, and stress about perfecting your school papers, you’re likely often overwhelming yourself and creating more anxiety than is necessary. Keep a schedule of your necessary activities and cut everything else out for a bit. Giving yourself alone time to deal with your anxiety will help you to overcome it in the long run.

5.Get lots of sleep.

A lack of sleep can leave anyone feeling haggard and worn out, and it’s worse for individuals who suffer from anxiety. Insufficient sleep can cause your anxious, worried thoughts to worsen. Make sure that you’re getting 7–9 hours of sleep every night.



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