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Gogontlejang Phaladi on marriage!

Botswana’s humanitarian golden girl Gogontlejang Phaladi has aired her views in regard to one of the topics that irks a lot of people. The young thought leader who has been in the news since around age 13 has advised the public on marriage. Phaladi is one of the most influential young people in the country, her story about getting evicted from the University of Botswana list for owning up a business while under student sponsorship program that the government provides for tertiary students has gotten the country fuming.

Gogontlejang’s words on the topic shared verbatim were that, “Marriage is a very important life changing decision. Be careful not to fall into the pressure of”u should be married by now.”Often comes from people who want a wedding,u need a marriage. Wedding is 1 day, marriage is a lifetime. Be unapologetic in taking your time to find YOUR 1.” Is the country’s big, strong girl speaking for herself or it is a genuine advice?We shall know soon.



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