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I Refuse To Dive Into That Natural Girls Vs Weave Girls Debate-Uua Murangi

Lol! We will never understand why people have this tendency of complementing someone then go on to bash the other who is doing the opposite, fellas it is ok to just compliment and end there.

Miss Botswana second princess Uua Murangi who is a darling to many and had multitudes rooting for her to get the Miss Botswana crown has had it with those kind of people.

She took to social media to say that she would not allow herself to be dragged into those natural hair  and weave debates.

A lot of times when I’m “complimented” people expect me to dive into this natural girls vs weave girls debate. No! I refuse to! What other girls do with their hair is not my business. I have no share holding to the hairs on their scalps. Don’t expect me to say I hate weaves. I do not! It really isn’t that hard, it is possible to compliment a girl without pulling down another in the same breath. I will always advocate for SELF definition. Always.

The pretty Uua was common for her natural looks,she even wore her hair naturally at the Miss Botswana grand finale where she emerged the second princess.

It makes sense  that she can’t be dragged into that debate, she has not worn her hair like all the time, a lady got to change her style sometimes. 

So please just compliment her hair and leave those who wear weaves alone. It is their choices and preferences after all.




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