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KAST,Motlha & Monna Yo Motona for Mmadinare this wekend

Mmadinare village is the place to this coming Saturday. The amazing TlatsaLebala sensational Kast Stallion will be headlining the list of performers at the Saturday event. The musician who has been under scrunity from people who alleges that he has been using his walks to finance his own interests while hiding under the name of wanting to raise awareness for the establishment of an arts council will be out to prove himself.

Alongside the 2000km walker will be the new in-thing in music Motlha. Motlha has been making headlines in most of the media platforms. The musician will be making his opening performance in the central region. Pundit comedian ‘Monna Yo Motona’ will also be the entertainer for the day. There is a high expectation that there will be a lot of laughter within the crowd for he knows how to make audiences chukle.



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