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“Ladies: Don’t Chase After A Guy Who’s Already In A Relationship.” Resego Advises.

Resego Motlhokathari has taken it upon himself to use his social status to give advice to his followers. Using a platform as popular as Facebook, he gives life lessons and caution those who are on the verge of making mistakes. This time around he is focusing on those women who date men that are already in existing relationships.

“Ladies: Don’t chase after a guy who’s already in a relationship. He will never leave his woman for you, but if he does, it will only be temporary le ha a ka seke atle a boela kogo ene,” he said. As a man, Resego is aware that a man can give you his body, plenty of money, but he will never give you his heart. Henceforth he advises women to not waste their time.

“Guard your heart, don’t be a side piece for another woman’s man. Just walk away! Yes, I know it’s hard. But the hardest part about walking away, is knowing no matter how slowly you walk away, he will never chase after you. But always remember you know what you want,” he concluded. As women we have to stand by one another not to hurt each other.




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