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Lampy Ngake,the hottie thing in BDP youth members

Lampy Ngake is the new in thing in the hot sinnesters to women in the BDP ranks. He has been re-elected to be Tonota South councillor once more. He joins the rest of the new hotties in the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) which held its primary elections. He sure rocks those looks that get the women yelling and twirling as they see him. Lampy is the new face of BDP, he is trending both for winning the primaries and the looks.

He will be contesting under the BDP belt once more. His suits and clean cuts are what the new good-looking guys in town get categorised with. Those close to him argue that he is the gigantic intellectual gladiator in the BDP that has been needed by the party. It is said also that his gestures when he makes a command and word also do the things that needs to be done to women.



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