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Mophato Dance Theatre To Represent Botswana At A Dance Festival In New York

Mophato Dance Theatre has announced through social media that they been invited to represent Botswana at the Battery Dance International Festival in New York from the 15th to 22nd of August 2017.

The esteemed festival that attracts an audience of 10 000, hosts more than 10 countries across the world this year. Botswana is the only African country invited as well as the 1st African country to be honoured with a day, that will be covered by the New York Times. The group will share the stage with some of the best Dance Theatres in the world such as Martha Graham and Battery Dance, which is a historic moment for our dance industry.

The esteemed festival was established to connect international acclaimed dance companies across the world. The aim of the festival is to create a cross cultural engagement and career opportunities for dance companies by; networking with investors, conducting workshops with esteemed producers from Broadway as well as 31 international and local dance companies. The theme of the our expedition is “I love my Botswana, your Botswana, Our Botswana”, with the aim of increasing awareness, reducing negative dissonance, producing positive perception & generating interest in our tourism, wildlife and arts industry. The theme was fashioned to create ownership of Botswana to potential tourists and Investors.

The platinum sponsorship for the national expedition is Botswana Tourism Organisation and the Gold sponsors are U.S. Embassy Gaborone, Botswana as well as Brand Botswana. Mophato commends the Destination Management Offices and Diplomatic Agency for the undying support to create a platform for the arts & cultural industry. The dance company promises to represent Botswana well and generate positive Travel Destination Image to fly the flag. The public can follow Battery Dance and Mophato DANCE Theatre on facebook for more information about the festival.

This is a collaboration between Mophato and ILoveBotswana Ensemble

Mophato Dance Theatre is one of the most renowned dance groups, they have perfomed at some of the most prestigious events and have represented the country all over the world. They will be performing at GIMC theatre on the 29th.




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