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Pearl Mooketsi makes Vogue

When we reported last week that Pearl Mooketsi will be making it big in far off places we had no idea she will be toppling the odds. She has her eyes set on big things and she is not turning back. The young Botswana born woman this week made it to the most ever loved and followed magazine,Vogue. She has a great following already back for just making it to the particular prestigious magazine.

Walking the poise in the city of New York,Madam Mooketsi left no stone unturned,she gave it all. She gave them a taste of greatness that normally an African lady would share with the world. She brings soul to the ramp and she dished exactly that in Nee York. Pearl is a supermodel in the making. She does not back down from wanting things that her eyes are set for. Pearl is a stunner. She is a grade A choice from Botswana.



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