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Sponsorship Application Procedures For Local Placement 2016/2017

The submission of applications, receiving and processing of sponsorship for the financial year 2016/2017 for both Local Public and Private Institutions will commence on the 1st April 2016. All applicants are therefore advised to follow the schedule and terms and conditions for applying for sponsorship as stated in this notice to ensure compliance with set requirements.


a) Botswana citizen who is not gainfully employed.
b) Applicants must be able to complete the programme of study before the age of thirty five (35) years.
c) Candidates are cautioned to pay particular attention to the stated minimum points required per programme.
d) The cut-off point for sponsorship for 2016/2017 is 34 points irrespective of year of completion.
e) All candidates who have upgraded their results will be considered under the criteria requiring minimum of 34 points.
f) All aspirants who were either employed or previously employed on contracts/permanent basis will not be eligible for sponsorship.
g) Applicants who are on part time employment must have resigned prior to commencement of studies

Special Dispensation-OVC, RADP & SPED

a) Applicants must be registered under a social programme and have garnered a minimum of 29 points.
b) Applicants are advised to apply and submit their applications through the office of the Social Workers in their respective regions, and shall receive their responses through the same offices.
c) A confidential Social Enquiry Report/ Assessment report is mandatory for every application in this category.

Documents To Be Submitted

1) Valid OMang (Certified by National Registration Office)
2) Birth certificate must be attached in the event the applicant is yet to turn 16 years of age.
3) Completed Loan Application Form (DSPW 1)
4) Certificate (bearing both centre and candidate numbers)/results slip or equivalent (must be certified by institution last attended ONLY).
5) Admission letter from the institution of your choice stating the name and duration of the programme.
6) Affidavits should be attached in cases where the names on the OMang and certificates are different.
NB: Applicants are advised to demand acknowledgement receipt as proof of submission of application.

Change Of Program / Institution

• Applicants are strongly advised to submit only 1 application from their institution of choice which will be treated as their final choice.
• Change of programme or institution will only be considered after close of processing of applications.
• Applicants are cautiously advised to ensure they only submit after they have checked with all institutions they applied to and ensure that there are NO prospects of their admissions.
• The cost associated with change of programme or institution where an invoice has been raised by the institution will be borne by the applicant and applicants will be expected to submit a letter of clearance from their former institution before any change could be considered.

Submission Dates:

Institutions will be receiving sponsorship applications on varied times to suit their academic calendars.
For May Intake, the dates are as follows; 1st April 2016 to 8th May 2016
For July/August Intakes the dates are as follows; 1st April 2016 to 12th June 2016

a) Prospective applicants are cautioned that failure to disclose information as required in the application form will render their application invalid.
b) Submission of altered results is a criminal offence and all such cases will be referred to the law enforcement agencies.
c) All detected cases of deception leading to award of sponsorship will render such an award null and void, and may be referred to the law enforcement agencies for prosecution.

Loan Application Form DSPW 1 can also be downloaded from the MoE&SD website –    http://www.moe.gov.bw



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