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Whose beard?Kast or Thobo Kerekang?

Gone are the days when beard was considered to be dirty and making men a lot more unattractive. These days more and more men are rocking beard the way that no one else ever did. However, as these men rock beard women can not cease from making comments on the type of beard they prefer best. I’m today’s edition we analyse two celebrity men in Botswana that have beard but they grow them differently.


Kast who has been receiving some of the most lashes from the social circles in Botswana has sure been keeping beard in a way that no man in the country does. He has been seen to be a cash cow by rants made by persons in social media but sure he breeds of good. good beard is all bulked up and cagey but it does give him the looks.


Thobo sure does know how to put the fabrics together but nah you seen how great his beard just compliments his usual well kept looks? He has been getting a lot of following through his fashion platforms but he is a beard master.



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