Botswana headed the right direction in regards to biodiversity

Botswana is said to be headed the right direction as long as Biological Diversity is concerned. This was proclaimed by the Minister of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism- Ms. Philda Kereng on commemoration of the International Day for Biological Diversity (IBD) on Saturday. Amid the threats and challenges, Kereng says Botswana is pulling through with the aid of policies and education.

“For this year’s commemoration, we will like to acknowledge that Botswana is facing threats on its biodiversity from climate change, land degradation, invasive species, pollution, and over-exploitation of natural resources. In recognition of the urgent and continuous need to address these threats to our biodiversity, Botswana has put in place policy measures to mitigate the threats include amongst others the Forestry Policy, Climate Change Policy, Climate Change National Adaptation Plan Framework and the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan. Botswana has also declared 41% of her land cover as protected areas including parks, game reserves, forest reserves, and sanctuaries. The protected areas have the benefit of protecting our wildlife resources hence contribution to national revenues through tourism. The revenues have a direct benefit to Batswana through provision social amenities such schools and health facilitates amongst others.” she declared.

Kereng says her Ministry is also involving the local communities in its initiatives, this, the Minister asserts that is the move to get the communities interested in conserving the natural resources found in their localities, knowing that they can make a living through them.

“We continue to strengthen all forms of conservation methods in order to realise her national biodiversity management objectives amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected all facets of the economy. This is primarily because as a country we are aware of the centrality of biodiversity to our continued existence and sustainability” she said.

This year’s IBD is celebrated under the theme; “We’re part of the solution”. This theme according to Kereng, is a message to the society that biodiversity conservation is possible only if they are at the centre of the equation. She says the possibility and success of biodiversity rests rests on the hands of us as humans.

The United Nations proclaimed May 22 the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) in December 2000 to increase understanding and awareness on the importance of biodiversity to our daily lives.

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