“Dumelang and Pansiri time to dine elapsed” -Matonkomane

The outgoing University of Botswana Student Representative Council (UBS RC) President- Mr. Bokang Dumelang and the Director of Student Welfare- Ms. Barbara Moeteledi Pansiri has been accused of deliberately denying the student Community the leadership they have voted for.

In his resignation letter, the outgoing Minister of Academic Affairs- Mr. Karabo Matonkomane says the two are conniving to unconstitutionally extend Dumelang’s term in office.

According to the UB SRC constitution, the SRC shall hold office for one one year only. After the term has elapsed, the SRC leaves office to pave way for the newly elected SRC. The constitution stipulates that the elections be held before or on the last day of March, failure of which the management shall take over and organize for the elections.

The elections were held on the 16th April 2021 and Moono Wa Baithuti (Umbrella for Democratic Change student wing) whitewashed the GS-26 BDP (Botswana Democratic Party Student wing), winning all the thirteen (13) SRC seats with big margins.

Matonkomane, who is the Secretary General elect says his resignation from the SRC is a sign that he respects the will of the UB students and has urged Dumelang and Pansiri to do the same.

“I reiterate that the 2020/2021 SRC has served its term and should make a way for the new council to serve the students. Mr Bokang Dumelang and Mma Pansiri should not illegally extend their misrule and should accept that their time to dine and pop champagne corks together while the students are suffering has elapsed. The will of the students has triumphed before and will always emerge triumphant. I stand to protect and defend the student’s will by resigning from the SRC that is led by a president who is occupying office unconstitutionally against the will of the students aided by the regressive, self-serving and careless director of student welfare. I call upon the SRC President and the Director of Student Welfare to make way for the will of the student to prevail and not unconstitutionally prolong their misrule” he charged.

Meanwhile, the talk has it that the real reason why the swearing in of the incoming SRC is delaying is because of pending election rigging allegations by the GS-26 BDP. The delay therefore is due to pending investigations on the matter.

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