Kokotsha Youth Benefit From Bull 𝐈nitiative

President Dr Mokgweetsi E. K. Masisi has donated a beef master bull to a youthful farmer, Mr Mothusi Bote of Kokotsha syndicate number 2.

The 32- year-old farmer was funded P90 000 by the Youth Development Fund (YDF) in 2012, bought 15 heifers and a bull of which he now has a total of 31 cattle.

The President’s Bull Donation Initiative is aligned to the government’s efforts to increase cattle herd in the country, increase productivity by using pedigree bulls and improve cattle genetics as well as development of value chains.

President Dr Masisi has recently affirmed in the State of the Nation Address that “the agriculture sector continues to create more opportunities for food security, diversification of the economy and employment through the development of clusters and value chains.”

For this initiative, the Ministry of Agriculture, tasked with selecting beneficieries, focusing on farmers who have shown capacity to use digital technologies in the production process, support of natural clusters and have shown good management of cattle posts/farms.

The selection of Mr Bote, makes the young man one of the 156 farmers across Botswana who have benefited from the President’s initiative to donate bucks, rams and bulls to Batswana.

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