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Sid, 52 years but gets a younger look

My Star’s Sidney has went off the music ramp to show off his newly acquired set of packs. Who would have imagined that the 52 year old would get the motivation to go an extra-mile into getting the looks he never had in his younger years. The music man has since been showing off what he has under the t-shirt and he has garnered himself more and more potential lovers. Women throughout all social media networks have been howling at him to have a look at them.

New trendy picture of the My Star competition judge have along the way found a caption that reads, “cover the face and hammer the body” Sure Sid is in it with the ladies. It will be an exciting run to see if he will be the new papa that the Gaborone slay queens follow. He rarely ever puts up a smile when he makes comments on television on the contestants, but he sure smiles when he shows off his guns.

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