UB GS-26 ‘lovebirds’ sacked

The Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) student wing, GS-26 has suspended two Chairpersons yesterday. The student movement showed the executive committee Chairperson and Women’s wing Chairperson the door.

“The general membership of this mighty movement is hereby notified of the suspension of the GS-26 Chairperson Mr Omolemo Somolekae from the Botswana Democratic Party for a period of 60 days with immediate effect. Such a suspension is due to reasons pending enquiry henceforth it bears relevance to this movement as it effects a change of leadership within its ranks,” Somolekae’s suspension letter revealed.

In the same day, the Women’s wing Chairperson, Bone Rasesigo also was also kicked out and was replaced by Kewagamang Somolekae. Rasesigo’s suspension is for a period of Sixty (60) days.

According to the talk doing the rounds, the two allergedly lovers are being suspended in connection to the misuse of the movement funds. It is allerged that the lovebirds have been using the money belonging to the party for personal gain. Furthermore, the couple is accused of leaking the 2021 Student Representative Council (SRC) elections report which implicated some party elders.

These developments come in a space of less than two weeks after the GS-26 recorded a historical loss. Not only did they lose all the thirteen (13) SRC seats, but for the first time in history did the movement lose elections with margins of about two thousand (2000).

In their elections report which is part of their sins, the duo is accused of implicating the party elders. The Executive Secretary of the party, and the Youth League Chairperson were some of those who were accused for the devastating loss. The party treasurer, Mr. Satar Dada was also mentioned in the report though in a good light.

The two will be serving a suspension for the whole of May and June from both the GS-26 and BDP pending a desciplinary hearing to decide their fate.

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