“We could have a congress and remove him” – Ookeditse

“We cannot be said to trying to remove anyone, we are basically practicing democratic accountability and that is something we are quite proud of as a party that we are in a position to take a step where we say we will stand for what we believe should happen or is right,” Ookeditse, BPF Publicity Secretary proclaimed.

Politics is known to be a dirty game, most of the time the most shocking events turn out in the run up to elections. Be it inter or intra party elections the mysteries and revelations, true or untrue, are always there. The newly formed Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) is headed for their first congress in August this year and already scandals have began to surface, whether they are genuine or not remains a mystery.

There has been a series of National Committee meetings regarding a case in which the Party President Biggie Ganda Butale is accused of sexual misconduct. After the first meeting, it was resolved that Butale be asked to temporarily step down from the party presidency pending investigations. The second meeting resolved that the party president be handed over to the Disciplinary Commitee.

After listening to the recordings which are believed to be a conversation between Butale and the twenty-two (22) year old Wangu Nfila, who accuses Butale of violating her sexually, most social media commentators pinned the blame on BPF leadership for setting up Butale. They said the incident is a plan masterminded by some within BPF leadership to oust Butale by tarnishing his name.

Meanwhile, the BPF spokesperson, Lawrence Ookeditse said on Facebook that the BPF Leadership has nothing to do with orchestrating plans to remove party president Biggie Ganda Butale. Ookeditse says if they want Butale out, they will ‘easily’ remove him at a congress.

“The last thing on this whole plotting to remove him, they don’t want him thing, how unsmart would our organization be, to actually create something against its President when we could have a congress in a few months and remove him if we don’t want him. It’s as simple as that, if you don’t want a leader you go to congress and remove them. It should not be made as though the organization created something for someone. As a matter of fact the organization and the rest of the leaders in the organization did not know this young students until a month or so after the interaction or entanglement happened. so it cannot then be said that it was plotted by anyone, it can only be plotted by those involved and those involved.” he said.

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