“We do not fear you”- BPF Youth League to BDP Youth League

“The BPF Youth will not shy away from the truth just because a few kleptocrats with fragile egos, Ministers who fornicate with colleagues and those of dysfunctional families will be triggered. We are unapologetic. What will you do to us? Nothing. We do not fear you. ‘Ke nnete, lea re tlwaela’ [it is true, you take us for granted]. Create jobs and stop the lies.” Kesegofetse Magapa, BPF Youth League Vice President.

The Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) Youth League calls on their counterparts from the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) to a battle. This follows the latter’s press release yesterday condemning the Former President His Excellency Lt. Gen. Dr. Seretse Khama Ian Khama who is BPF’s patron.

In their immediate release published earlier today, the BPF Youth League reiterate Khama’s remarks that indeed His Excellency President Masisi and BDP takes Batswana for granted. According to the Youth League, what Khama said is evident as President Masisi regularly lies to the nation without shame.

“A person that lies all the time and then turns around and pretends they never said what they said oa bo a tlwaela bao bao mo reeditseng [he is disrespecting those listening to him]. It is what it is. And yes, ke go tlwaela Batswana [it is disrespect to Batswana] to blatantly tell them you spent time as Vice President ‘o bobile’ [spying] instead of advising and steering the country in the right direction” Magapa lambasted.

The Youth League accuses the BDP government of corruption and abuse of office, and for that they are the ones to apologize to the nation for disrespecting and taking it for granted. According to o the BPF Youth League, things went to the worst state under Masisi’s leadership, and such those should be addressed instead of writing rebuttals.

“To the minions at the BDP NYEC: a record number of young Batswana are unemployed. A record young Batswana businesses have closed shop. A record young Batswana are poor. A record number of young Batswana are now out of school. A record young Batswana are depressed. A record young Batswana are resorting to suicide. A record young Batswana are landless. A record young Batswana are turning to alcohol and drug abuse to try cope. Make statements about things that matter. Vaccinate all Batswana and residents; and get Masisi to take his Covid 19 vaccine and stop lying about giving his spot to others.”

Kesegofetse Magapa, BPF Youth League Vice President

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