?rivate security services stakeholders workshop

The Minister of Defence, Justice and Security Honourable Mr. Thomas Kagiso Mmusi says Botswana has taken a deliberate position that the state shall have the monopoly of conventional arms of war and dominance of firepower when called upon to protect Batswana and their property.

The Minister said this, when officially opening Private Security Services Stakeholder`s Workshop today in Gaborone. The consultative workshop was held under the theme; “Aspiring for a Safer Botswana: The Time is now!!“. The objective of the workshop was to generate durable and sustainable solutions to the challenges of Cash in transit.

As such, he appealed to Stakeholders to consider non-combative options to protect our national treasury without risking the advent of possible freak accidents which may turn out to be fatal and unrewarding at all.

“Let us explore the use of technology to come up with impenetrable money carrying gadgets, 360 degrees camera surveillance mounted on CIT motor vehicles, remotely operated doors at loading and reception areas, just to mention but a few of the many you may want to submit for consideration, he said”.

Mmusi noted that this is a position that has served the country very well and will not be altered on account of the recent spate of cash heists. He said that Botswana is a signatory to international conventions such as the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) which is a solemn expression of her commitment and promise to the world that the country will not proliferate small arms and ammunition.

He further more noted that small arms and ammunition are the major cause of pain and suffering in sub Saharan Africa, therefore, no effort should be spared to control the proliferation of small arms and ammunition.

He said, “Government is committed to discouraging indiscriminate arming of the population. We may be having good people in the Private Security industry with good intentions, but opening up ownership and operation of arms of war into private hands will go against the guarantees that the country has made to the world.”

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