10 Benefits Of Vocational Education

Over time, there has been a significant rise in vocational education and technical training in Botswana. However, job creation in the formal sector is limited, given the size of the domestic market. Β And it does not help that we have a stereotypical view of vocational education as a low level. The following are some of the reasons why vocational training, is a very good form of education.IMG_3289

  1. Vocational graduates have better employment opportunities than graduates from academic tertiary schools. It goes without saying that getting an office job is a struggle.
  2. Technical programs typically include required core classes and electives that allow students to branch into sub-topics or specialty areas. This makes for a more focused learning experience than a bachelor’s degree that includes liberal arts requirements.
  3. Vocational school programs are typically shorter than a four-year private or public college. Associate degree programs at community colleges or technical schools typically include two years of full-time study.
  4. The term ‘vocational’ actually means ‘work-related’. So if you are doing a vocational qualification it means you are learning skills that will help you to get, and do, a job.
  5. Some people are not aware that you can actually get vocational qualifications that will take you up to the same level as a degree, so the opportunities for continued personal development are still there, even if you don’t choose the conventional route.
  6. Vocational graduates have entrepreneurial skills. Take for example someone who did carpentry, they are able to employ themselves.
  7. Vocational graduates possess good attitudes toward work; they are able to physically engage themselves from start to finish of a project.
  8. For students who have trouble with motivation and accountability, vocational courses offer an excellent chance to develop these vital skills. Showing up for class on time, and all.
  9. With a vocational qualification, you’re more likely to be able to start working sooner, giving you the experience you need to back up what you’re learning and you get to earn money at the same time.
  10. Vocational graduates possess necessary technical skills in their specialization.

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