10 Things You Should Never Do After A Nasty Breakup

So you just had your heart crushed by a guy that you thought could have been the one. Breakups suck, and sometimes when we’re upset, we do things that are not so smart, that we will one day look back at and wonder, “What in God’s name was I thinking?!?”Even the most amicable of parting ways can sting. When mourning the end of a relationship, be sure to avoid the following “don’ts” of breakup etiquette.


1. Stalk Them On Social Media.

Nothing good can come out of stalking your ex’s social media. Nothing you see will make you feel better and you’ll probably just over-analyze everything he posts and drive yourself crazy. So if you really want to get over him, delete him. Don’t look at his page. Ever.

2. Rush Into Another Relationship.

There’s nothing better than other guys showing interest in you after a breakup. However, the odds are you’re emotionally unavailable. You get a rush from the prospect of a new relationship and give it a try, well, don’t. Rushing into a relationship is really just using your new boyfriend to fill a void that he can’t fill.

3. Don’t Get Too Dramatic.

If you’re disappointed, it hurts, but your life is not over. The end of a relationship is a serious opportunity for excitement and newness. Look to your future and see what you can do to make it better and focus on finding activities and people to enrich your days, or even begin a new venture or interest.

4. Pretend You’re Fine.

Let yourself mourn. Cry. Punch a pillow. Surround yourself with friends who listen. The temptation may be to pretend you’re unaffected by the breakup; don’t let pride get in the way of being real. You don’t have to sob at the office, but take some quiet moments to reflect and be honest with yourself. It’s okay to be angry, hurt or humiliated. It’s healthier to express yourself honestly than grow numb.

5. Drink Your Feelings.

Chances are you friends will want to take you out for cocktails to vent, chat, and celebrate your singledom. One happy hour is fine, but not a week of tequila-induced sloppy nights. You’ll just feel worse once you sober up. Plus, a broken heart and a hangover don’t mix well.

6. Avoid Taking Vengeance.

When you’re dumped, retribution is the most inessential thing to do no matter the ill-treatment and stressful situation you must have been subjected to in the relationship. Never seek getting even. You really don’t need the drama and chaos after a heartbreak. Vengeance will only make you look like a psycho who cannot let go.

7. Avoid Listening To Sad Music.

During post breakup, avoid listening to sad music about breakup. Cuddling yourself up in your bed and listening to sad music like’ Heartbreak’, ‘Love Lost’, ‘We were in love’ and other breakup-related songs is depressing and will only make the situation worse. Rather, stick to cheerful and optimistic music that will raise your hope and help you overcome whatever you think you’ve lost.

8. Don’t Talk Bad About Your Ex.

When your partner chooses to go on without you, as a reasonable person, avoid giving the details to the world. This only portrays you as a bad person without you knowing it. You are indirectly belittling your standards as well as sending a wrong message about yourself when you keep talking bad about your ex. It also makes you look like a loser, because losers criticize people when they can’t have them to themselves.

9. Never Let Your Ex Sleep With You.

Sex is never going to bring them back so letting them sleep with you won’t do likewise. All you need is to extract your ex from your life, give yourself time to heal, and create the space to move on. Having sex with your ex draws you back whenever you want to move on. And if you presume using sex as a kind of manipulation to make him stay will make it work, after satisfying their animal urge, they will still thrash you.

10. Don’t Be Friends.

Hardly can two people make a smooth change from being lovers to friends. If nonetheless you’re going to give it try, don’t try until the wounds have healed. Remaining friends straight after the breakup of your relationship goes hand in hand with having sex after breakup and this doesn’t leave you enough time or space to properly get over it. Cut all ties immediately at least until your wounds have healed.

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