10 things you need to know about Banjo Mosele

Many times we tend to know the big face that we follow especially in music and not know what really lies behind what the people we are following. This then leaves us looking ignorant and careless, in today’s edition we give you 10 fast facts you could possibly want to know about the musicianship in Banjo Mosele.

  • Banjo Mosele is a founding member of the Kalahari Band that backed Hugh Masekela.
  • Mosele released his first solo album, Badisa, in 2003 and followed its success with Movin’ On in 2005 and Nowa Days in 2008
  • While studying music at Goldsmith College, Mosele formed and led Bushmen Don’t Surf, a group that made a name in the UK
  • Mosele lived in Bergen, Norway during the 1980s, where he married Siri Møll, the siser of Erik Moll.
  • Mosele released his first solo album, Badisa.
  • In 2009, Botswana Music Awards nominated him in the categories “Song of the Year”, “Best Album” and “Best DVD”.
  • In 2009, He won “Song of the Year” with “Ntsa E Jele Ntsanyana” (Dog eat dog).
  • His son the rapper Marcus Kabelo Møll Mosele, released his first solo album Ambivalent (Kamelen) in 2017.
  • Mosele has also worked as a session musician with the likes of Gwangwa.
  • He has played guitar in three of Hugh Masekela’s albums.

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