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10 Ways To Get His Family To Like You

He might say that it’s no big deal, but we all know that being accepted by his family is a pretty important thing. No one should break up a relationship, just because the parents don’t approve, but it sure will make things a lot easier, if they do approve you. So, read these ten tips on how to get his family to like you, both on the first meeting and later on too


1. Be Yourself.

Yes, it sounds totally cliché, but nobody wants their son going out with a totally plastic, “perfect” girl. They want him to be going out with a girl who is nice, who can help cook dinner some nights, or to shoot hoops with alongside their son. Really, just be you. Your boyfriend and your boyfriend’s parents will love you for it.

2. Flatter Them.

It sounds a bit ‘teacher’s pet’ but even the simplest things as laughing, not too over the top though at their jokes, gives the impression that your friendly and even against their will sometimes, they will start to like you.

3. Do Your Homework.

You don’t want to put your foot straight in your mouth, the first time you speak to them, so find out as much, as you can about his parents, before you visit for the first time. Get an idea of their culture, their beliefs and their general likes and dislikes. You don’t want to drop yourself right into it, over dinner.

4. Always Offer To Help Out.

Offer to help out setting the table or clearing it. That always makes a good impression. The mother would probably like to get to know you better and get you on your own and she can do that while you are doing the dishes together. They will love it that you are making the effort.

5. Never Criticize Your Partner.

Be wary of criticizing your man to his parents. Remember that he is still their little baby, so, even if you think it’s just a bit of harmless teasing, tread carefully. Even if you think you have his mother’s confidence, be careful of criticizing her boy.

6. Don’t Be Critical Of Them Either.

If they have religious or political beliefs that are wildly divergent from you own, just let it go. If they want to engage you in a discussion don’t hide your opinions, but don’t try to convince them they’re wrong. A smile and a “we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one” will do just fine.

7. Invite Them Over To Your Place.

Don’t leave his parents to do all the hosting, invite them to your home for dinner too. This not only repays the favour and gets you in their good books, it also shows them that you are quite capable of taking care of their son for them!

8. Smile Sweetly And Never Be Critical.

That’s all the sage and sound advice, but in reality, getting alone with your in-laws is very important! Whatever the provocation, don’t argue, don’t disagree and don’t ever criticize his family. If in doubt, smile sweetly, say nothing or just politely agree to disagree.

9. Show Up.

If you put off meeting his parents, they will assume you’re avoiding them. Not only that, but they’ll also assume that you don’t value family. Cheerfully accept dinner invitations, and take part in regular family traditions. If you grin and bear it, not only will he appreciate it, but his family will start to treat you as one of their own.

10. Accept Their Advice Graciously.

It can be easy to get defensive when his parents give unsolicited advice, but try to understand where they’re coming from. Chances are they’re doing it because they care, because they have more life experience behind them, and because they truly want to help.



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