10 Worst Break Up Excuses Ever!

Breaking up is a hard thing to do. So maybe that’s why people give so many bad excuses for it. Some are so good at it that they make you feel as the guilty one and you will think their going away is in fact your fault.The following list will help you to see, if indeed the person is leaving for a good reason, or its just a lame excuse because they found someone better.

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1. It’s Not You, It’s Me

The number one cliche breakup line out there, “it’s not you it’s me” is the absolute worst thing. Really? Β You couldn’t come up with anything more creative than that? Seriously?

2. You Deserve Better

You deserve better or you’re too good for me are the same thing, and they’re both insanely lame. It’s a nice way for a guy to dump you because of two things: one, you’ll take it as a weird compliment. Two, he ends up looking kind of okay.

3. I’m Scared Of Commitment

Oh, the old scared of commitment line. Yes, some people can be a little fearful of committing to someone else. But if a guy reallyΒ likes you, he will not dump you because he’s scared of commitment. He’s dumping you because he’s scared to commit to you because he doesn’t like you enough – that’s the hard truth.

4. Can We Take A Break?

Can we take a break means one of three things. One, he wants to break up for good but he’s a little nervous about it, so he pulls this. Two, he wants to break up for good but also wants to keep hooking up until he finds someone else. Or three, he wants to see what else is out there and if he can’t find anything better, he’ll have you as a backup. All of these things suck.

5. IΒ Have A Lot On My Plate

He is not dumping you just because he needs to focus on school (or work or whatever). He’s dumping you because he doesn’t care about you enough to make you a priority anymore. If someone really likes you and cares about you, they won’t be like, “Hold on, just need to focus on other things for a while, sorry.” They will make it work.

6. I Need A Little Space

I need space is so incredibly vague that you’re left wondering exactly what he means. How long does he need space for? Why does he need space? Does he eventually want to get back together? There are so many questions left. This is a cliche line, and it’s just lame.

7. I Like You Too Much.

This makes absolutely no sense. But it happens all the time. Girls, he does not like you so much that he just has to break up with you. That’s just… no.

8.I’m Not Ready

This one is so annoying, because almost everyone who spits out this line will be in a relationship with a different person in a few weeks or months. When someone says this, they mean they’re not ready for a relationship with you. That’s it.

9. You Will Make One Guy Happy One Day

Basically, they’re trying to let you down easy by being like, You’re so amazing. I just can’t be with you. Why? Because I’m so amazing? That makes no sense. If whoever ends up with me is going to be so lucky, then why can’t that someone be you? It’s just a lame way for him to try to dump you nicely.

10.Β Silent Treatment

If he just stops talking to you and starts ignoring you, count yourself as lucky. This guy is immature and too selfish to respect you enough to give you any kind of reason (even a made up one).


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