21st Birthday and the Key significance

A birthday is simply when a person celebrates the anniversary of his or her birth. Of all the birthday’s (every year) the 21st is the most significant. The biggest significance of the 21st birthday is that it is the moment where someone turns into an adult. Yes turning into an adult just like that, overnight. Turning 21 means a lot of things, it means one can buy liquor, drink legally, and are socially considered to be no longer dependent on their parents. It means that one can engage in β€˜β€™off limits’’ activities to the underage. It means a person can officially go into any establishment, even those that sell adult items. Presents are in order, as well as birthday wishes to prolong life and have success. These new β€˜roles that are attached to the 21 birthday are a cause for enthusiastic celebration to most people. A party is always in order and beer is in most cases part of the ritual. Then there comes the key, whether in actual form or in implied terms. The key dates way back to ancient times. There was a strict criterion for getting it. The key was granted provided the person turning 21 was still in state of Virginity. I guess you will agree with me that the criterion has changed today to reflect that transition from β€˜childhood to adulthood, virgin or no virgin! But this is just part of the story about turning 21. 21means one is independent, 21 means one can fend (by every definition of this word) for themselves. It means one assumes full responsibility for his or her actions thereon until the end of his/her days.

In 1987 Botswana turned 21. I don’t know if the key was given or not because I was born two years later, but as part of the ritual it ought to have been given! 26 years later, Botswana will be 47 in September 30 .It is usually a characterization of the 21st birthday fever. The beer drinking, the clubs, the birthday wishes minus the key. The general mood is always of happy people. I am particularly happy because of the holidays. I don’t get to touch books and unfortunately for me because clubs are not my thing I resort to movies. Some people myself included are happy that it’s time to meet family members. To some it’s the time to push side businesses. That’s just the story about Independence Day in Botswana. The question I am asking myself is why exactly celebrate Botswana Day? The answer to this is simple; to appreciate the achievements made since 1966 through the hard work of Batswana. It’s a bit of an introspection of how to write the next chapter, chapter 47. The difficult question is β€˜how do I celebrate these achievements? Is it by clubbing or going to the stadium and have fun or watch the Zebras play in the afternoon? Β The Key question is what has been my contribution to this country’s development? Today, for a change I wrote this article as a present to Botswana with hope buy a bigger present next year!

Happy 47th Birthday Botswana.


Morena Monganja

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