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5 Essential Beauty Tips For Summer And Spring

There are so many activities during the summer and people often go out a lot. The worst thing ever is when you do an amazing makeup look and it melts away in the sun when you’re having fun! Check out these tips for achieving perfect summer makeup.

 1. Protect Your Skin With Makeup

When the sun is out, protecting your skin from its damaging rays is essential. Sun damage can cause your skin to age prematurely, not to mention it can lead to skin cancer! Luckily, many makeup products now include SPF in their formulas. One great example is EOSActive Protection Lip Balm. It comes in two delicious fruity flavors and includes SPF 15 protection to shield the extra-sensitive skin on your lips.


2. Go Waterproof

Whether you are hitting the beach or pool or just want to battle sweat smudges, choose eye makeup products in waterproof formulas. There is nothing more heartbreaking than applying your eyeliner perfectly only to have it melt off in the heat. With waterproof eyeliner and mascara you’ll have a glam eye look that won’t budge all day.

3. Keep It Light

Heavy, cakey foundation looks and feels uncomfortable in hot weather. To avoid a makeup meltdown in the summer sun, go with a lighter look by just using tinted moisturizer. You’ll still get a little coverage but won’t have to worry looking too shiny or melty. Plus you will get the benefits of dewy, well-moisturized skin later on

4. Exfoliate

To get rid of all the dead cells which tend to make your skin look dull and dry, it is important that you exfoliate your skin. I recommend exfoliating your skin with a sugar body scrub.  I recommend Tree Hut’s Coconut Lime Shea Sugar Body Scrub. Not only does it smell good, but it makes your skin feels so smooth and silky after you get out of the shower. It is truly amazing!

5. Moisturize

Now that you’ve exfoliated your skin, you must remember to moisturize! Apply a lighter version of your winter body moisturizer immediately after you get out of the shower. This will help to retain moisture, and keep your skin hydrated. You can also try an oil spray for dewy, shimmery, beautiful skin. Don’t forget to use sunscreen before you go outside. Sunscreen is important for all races and skin types, so never leave without it!

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