5 Signs you really need a break

Once you start having black-outs as soon as you hit the office, when your eyes are half-closed during a movie premier or when you start taking half-naps during traffic congestion then you definitely know that you are run down. Most people; budding entrepreneurs, running candidates, students and new mummies fail to differentiate when they are tired and when they are extremely exhausted. The latter is literally screaming for the body to take a break and below is six ways you can pick signs from your body. A state of exhaustion can be extremely dangerous.


Poor Sleeping Habits

Ever experienced going to bed late at night and waking up almost immediately after? RED lights here. What most people refer to as insomnia can trigger exhaustion and completely worsen moods and leave weaker attention spans. Most people experience “sleep procrastination” unknowingly. They postpone their bedtime and fill their schedules with unnecessary activities that eat out on their fully required sleeping hours. Doing this will continue to add more intense fatigue to the following day. A little advice here, “Count back 7hours to your waking-up time and determine the start of your sleep latency period otherwise commonly referred to as your bedtime then stick to it. “

Stress (Obvious factor)

Everybody experiences stressful times in their lives so it’s not about the stress but how you react to it. Staying up late at night can lead to exhaustion- inducing insomnia. People who deal with stress by ignoring the pressure, distracting themselves or simply running away from their problems may end up feeling very exhausted. Many stand a chance of developing chronic insomnia. Personal development and mind easing techniques can help with stress.

You Are Eating More Junk Than Usual

I know I have had those days where I just want to eat from every take-away spot in town. I usually do this when I have a lot on my plate with a very poor plan of action to intubate. Apparently, the more exhausted one is, the more they tend to be attracted to very fatty and high- carbohydrate foods. The body seeks to get to a calming hormone in the brain called Serotonin by ingesting comfort foods full of fats and diets. The other downside of indulging in such comforts foods is that you will only end up much more exhausted L Not a solution, right?

Your Mind is All Fuzzy

Just as your car needs fuel, your body also needs sleep. Neither can function without their needs met. There is 90 minute lapse during your sleep that is often referred to as the REM ( Rapid eye movement) which is crucially important. Disturbing this period will leave your mind very sluggish the next day.

Having a well-prepared plan of action for each day is better method of exhaustion- prevention. Always include time to allow your body to rest and recuperate from each day. There is no better time to start than today. Determine your bedtime, crawl into bed and give your body some well-deserved rest.



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