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5 Useful Tips You Can Use To Write A Winning Cover Letter

5 Useful Tips You Can Use To Write A Winning Job Application Letter
Most of us job seekers often struggle when we have to write cover letters and at times the little mistakes we make can cost us the job that could have been ours.
Here are some tips you can use to write that winning cover letter:
1. Don’t Repeat Your Resume

A lot of people write cover letters as if they were paragraph-form resumes. Fact is, your letter will be stapled (or attached to the same email) as your actual resume, so you can assume that they’ll at least glance at it (and probably with a keener eye than your cover letter). Instead, use your cover letter to show personality, curiosity, and an interest in the field you are applying to work in. My favorite pro tip:Β GoogleΒ around for the history of your field or company, and sprinkle some cool historical facts into your cover letter (or even use one as a lead).Β If I was applying for a job in tech, I might talk about how thrilling it was to see Moore’s law transform technology before my eyes, and how thrilled I am to be a part of this transformation. If I were applying for a job in fashion, I might talk about how much fashion has changed since the 80s (a lot!). Everything has a hidden history. Use it to show expertise and interest

2. Keep It Short

Less. Is. More. Three paragraphs, tops. Half a page, tops. Skip lengthy exposition and jump right into something juicy

3. Address Nobody

Sometimes, you don’t know exactly who you should be addressing your letter to. Nix the generic and bland β€œDear Hiring Manager” or β€œTo Whom It May Concern”. If you absolutely don’t know who you should be addressing, then don’t address anybody. Instead, just jump right into the body of the

4. Never ever, ever use the following phrase

β€œMy name is _, and I am applying for the position as ”.They already know this, and you’ll sound inexperienced
5. Β Close Strong

Finish off by quickly (and I meanΒ quickly) explaining how your experience or worldview will help you at the job. That’s key. That’s the closer. And it can be done in one to two seconds. If it goes any longer, you’re just rambling

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