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5 Workplace Etiquette Everyone Should Follow

How many times have you been annoyed by a colleague, or have your colleagues mad at you because you were ‘out of place’. Most people often get too comfortable and forget that they have to act professionally and make sure that everyone in the office has to be respected.

It is the little things that people think are not serious that often make others nervous. Below are some of the etiquette you follow to ensure that you keep everything respectful and professional;

Respect The Weekend

If whatever your question is can wait until Monday, do everyone a favor and save it for then. Our time off has been shrinking enough as it is, so let the office enjoy the time they do have.

Do Your Job

Seriously. Do your work. Don’t make other people do it for you. Aim for “exceeds expectations.” It’s good for you. It’s good for everyone else.

Don’t Be Late If You Can Help It

Even if you’re not on a shift schedule and/or relieving the person from the shift before you, it’s still generally a good idea to give a heads-up if you’re running late for something — a meeting, shift relief, whatever. It’s just polite.

There’s A Time And A Place For Gossip.

Gathered around the water cooler? Gossip away. Bothering someone while they’re at their desk and clearly knee-deep in work? Save it for another time.

When Giving Feedback, Do It In The Appropriately

Also, criticism is often much more effective when it’s delivered in constructive terms. If there’s no need to make someone feel really terrible about themselves, then don’t do it.

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