10 Ways To Get Your Crush To Notice You!

Having a crush on someone can be both exciting and frustrating. While you admire her pretty eyes or great smile, you struggle to get her to notice you. You may also worry that you will not make a good first impression. The following tips will help you to get your crush to notice you. Remember to have self-confidence and not be afraid to show him/her that you are interested.

1. Stand Out.

The eye is drawn to things that are unique by nature, so feel free to be different and be yourself. If you find something, like a cool hat, that you like but nobody else ever wears, wear it! Doing your own thing will help you to stand apart from the crowd and make you a leader, not a follower.

2. Make An Effort To Look Your Best.

 Take the time to practice proper hygiene; shower often, brush your teeth and wash your face twice each day, and keep your hair and nails clean and trimmed. It is advised that you shower each morning so you appear each day as fresh as possible. Style your hair in a way that is natural and flattering to your face shape. After showering, apply lotion to keep skin smooth. Shave often, and floss, too.

3. Dress To Impress.

Dress according to your mood and you’ll always feel right. Avoid clothing that is ill fitting or shows too much skin; it will only make you look vulgar. Instead, choose clothes that are interesting, unique, and fit you well as well as flatter your figure. Dress according to the weather too.

4. Be Funny.

Funny is one of the main attractive features you can have. This means being comfortable with yourself and being willing to take risks and do what you like without caring what others think. Being funny is attractive, so make an effort to be outgoing and comfortable.

5. Smile And Laugh!

A smile is one of the most inviting details that someone can display, and laughter is contagious and shows a fun side to a person, so do both often. You’re a great, happy, confident, and good looking person with a lot to offer the world, so smile, and feel free to laugh!

6. Be Open And Direct.

Making eye contact, turning towards someone when they’re talking, and standing up straight are all ways of making yourself seem more bold and interested in a person. Practice good body language and posture, and also practice speaking in a clear tone of voice. These things will help you to get your message across when you like someone- namely, your crush!

7. Talk.

Talking helps you to appear sociable and fun. Though guys may not seem to be very talkative creatures, talking is the best way to appear friendly and outgoing, so talk to new people each day. Doing this will make you more easily approachable as well as help you to gain more friends and people skills. Soon, you should even be able to talk to your crush!

8. Be Real.

Nobody’s perfect, so don’t expect yourself to be. Even if all the prettiest girls in school skip lunch daily, you should still eat if you’re hungry. That’s part of both being different and taking care of yourself. Fake is not attractive, so be real about who you are and what you do.

9. Forget Other People.

The best thing is to be able to live as though nobody is watching you, so do it. Dancing randomly, chowing down on a huge burger at lunch, being stupid and funny with a new group of friends- be comfortable doing what you like, and know that you’ll get away with it.

10. Don’t Change.

Even if your crush isn’t big on school, this doesn’t mean you should drop out of all your honor’s classes. Never, ever, ever, ever change for someone else- only change for yourself. This includes all guys, because any guy worth your time will realize how awesome the real you is and not expect you to change one bit.

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