Government Abolishes Internship In Private Organizations

There has been an ongoing concern regarding administration when it comes to private companies and interns. The poor unemployed graduates are taken for granted at the mercy of their respective organizations. The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture has taken a step to abolish the National internship service in private companies with immediate effect.


This decision comes at the realization that most private organizations just rely on interns without hiring permanent staff. They are making money from free labour, but at the same time they do nothing for interns to empower them. There has been a concern that some of the host organizations ill-treat internship participants. There has been an arrangement to transfer participants to government organizations.

The program, one of President Ian Khama’s initiatives to curb unemployment and give graduates a practical experience in the work environment was introduced 6 years ago. With graduates failing to be absorbed in the work industry, one of the factors identified as hindrance was lack of experience and the program was introduced with the hope of proving solution to that predicament.


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