A Closer Look Into Bullying And Mental Health

A closer look into bullying and mental health. Victims of bullying often experience a variety of mental health concerns. These may include acute stress or trauma. It is always important to pay attention to the signs pf bullying to avoid dealing with it too late.

Bullying takes different forms and is not limited to just the physical kind. Other forms of bullying include verbal, emotional, cyber-bullying and social bullying. All these can have detrimental and sometimes irreversible impacts on a child’s mental health.

Β Children and youth who are bulliedΒ over time are more likely than those not bullied to experience depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. They also are more likely to be lonely and want to avoid school. Children and youth who bully othersΒ over time are at higher risk for more intense anti-social behaviors like problems at school, substance use, and aggressive behavior.

The most effective way to prevent bullying is to make children knowledgeable on the subject. Inform children on how to respond to bullying but also remind them to speak up no matter how threatened or intimidated they may feel by the bully. Create a comfortable and conducive environment that will encourage a child and convince they are in a safe space.

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