ALBRIMO Invites Students Who Didn’t Do Well In Exams For A Transition Workshop

Both the Junior Certificate Examinations and Botswana General Certificate for Secondary Education have been released, and on average, students did not perform well. If you one of the JCE/BGCSE who didn’t do well in their past examinations do not despair as All Brilliant Minds Organization has just what you need in the form of a free workshop.

This is an opportunity availed to you by ALBRIMO to transition into the next level of life with professional assistance, whether to re-write your exams, or you want to pursue a further course, or you just want to do something with your life but you don’t know what to do. This powerful and massive 2 day workshop is a tool to get access to the opportunities that will be availed there.

This organization has gathered opportunities, scholarships and many more specifically for you. Inbox them on their Facebook page for more information regarding the event. ALBRIMO is a registered nonprofit making NGO formulated to promote the academic excellence of students in Botswana and internationally!

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