Annah Mokgethi Must resign – BNF

The Botswana National Front is calling for Annah Mokgethi to leave office. The movement believes the Minister of Immigration, Nationality and Gender Affairs is not fit for holding a public office.

“The Botswana National Front (BNF) is concerned with the continuous occupation of public office by Minister of Immigration and Gender Affairs, Anna Mokgethi despite court ruling against her professional misconduct of mismanaging her client’s estate. While the BNF has waited patiently for the due process of the law, she should, on her own choice have long relinquished her public positions of Minister and Member of Parliament respectively the moment accusations of theft started flying.” Justin Hunyepa, BNF Secretary for Information and Publicity wrote.

According to the BNF, while it is disappointing that Mokgethi did not resign upon being found guilty, It is equally regrettable and embarrassing that President Mokgweetsi Masisi, who has been preaching and endlessly vowing to fight against corruption and abuse of office, has not acted on this matter, but instead chose to vigorously fight other corruption cases of his political opponents. This, the BNF says, does not auger well with the image of Office of the President and Botswana Democratic Party manifesto promises.

BNF is of the view that the “dishounarable” Minister should not have waited for the High court, and Court of Appeal judgements, but should have resigned when the allegations surfaced.

Both the High Court and Court of Appeal judgments have found Mokgethi guilty of mismanaging, her deceased client’s assets.

To deal with Mokgethi, the BNF suggest one of the two; 1. The Minister must take guidance from her legal profession and conscience and resign or 2. The President must unconditionally relieve her of her Ministerial and legislative duties for stealing from the dead.

“Failure to comply with her fiduciary duties has rendered her unfit for public office. Inaction on this decisively and conclusively renders the President’s efforts of fighting corruption as one a sided affair targeting opposition arch-rivals, and an insult to Batswana.” Hunyepa asserted.

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