Appointment of members of a delimitation commission

Members of the Public are hereby informed that the Judicial
Service Commission has, in exercise of the powers vested in it by
Section 64(1) of the Constitution, and following receipt of the
comprehensive National Population Census Report carried out in
2022. appointed a Delimitation Commission comprising of the
following membership;

. Hon. Judge Mr. Mokwadi Chris Gabanagae- Chairman
MS. Elizabeth Malebogo Masire – Member
. Mr. Maotoanong Lepedung Sebina – Member
ard Tsimako – Member
. Mr. Jost Sinvula Isaac – Member

The Delimitation Commission is to perform its functions as set out in
Section 65 of the Constitution and other relevant laws. The Public is
further advised that the Delimitation Commission will, in due course.
issue its own agenda.

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