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Berry Heart Joins The World Of Instagram

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram are not that popular around here as compared to their counterpart Facebook. Having said that though as a public figure, one has to keep up with most platforms in order to stay relevant and accumulate a fan base. Berry Heart has just joined Instagram so she connects more with her fans.

The ever bubbly poet has this to say after opening an Instagram account, “I just joined Instagram for the 70th time maybe. Forgot my pin already. I give up!” As a new comer, she also admitted that she is yet to figure out how to edit her profile, maybe that is why she has not shared anything yet.

Berry is more popular on Facebook with close to 65 000 people liking her page. On Twitter she has more than 3 200 followers, and already on her new Instagram account she has 108 followers and like the star that she is, following only 12. We cannot wait for those lovely pictures Berry.


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