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Botswana Is The Only Country That Does Not See The Creative Industry As An Economical Viable Industry-Zenzele Hirshfeld

Botswana is the only county that does not see the Creative Industry as an economical viable Industry- Zenzele Hirshfeld

Head of Zen Promotions and President of Botswana Promoters Associaton  Zenzele Hirshfeld says that Botswana is the only country that does not seethe Creative industry as an economic viable industry.

Zen took to social media to air her ‘frustrations’ on how the arts are being taken for granted in this country. She said that the local do not stock designers from local fashion designers and most artist are getting very little support from the government.

Check out her statement here;

“1-How many Fashion Industry people have their brands in all this chain stores that are all over our country?
2-How many Artists out there have benefited from artists grants that are always advertised by MYSC?
3-How many local event companies have benefited from Government Ministries, Institutions or divisions to coordinate annual calendar events?
4-The list goes on
Film Industry
Publishing Companies
Visual Arts
Just to mention a few ….

How many times have we lobbied for support from those with the powers be😪
Bot 50 Came and passed ….and still Dololo …
If the government doesn’t care will the Private sector really care?
They are now joining the trend.
Cry my beloved County.”her post read.

Local creatives have always complained that they are getting little support from both the people and the government and that priority is always given to those from outside this country.

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