Botswana Student Network To Link Students, Government And Companies

Sticking to their mission of creating a linkage between students, government and companies in the development of academic excellence, leadership skills, career opportunities and social responsibility, the  Botswana Student Network has launched their campaign in the Ngamiland and Okavango areas.


This organization stands to prepare and equip students with managerial leadership, business skills, and self-responsibility as well as encouraging academic excellence which would help prepare learners to affectively and productively respond to the challenges of university, corporate world, labor market and society at large.

According to the chairperson, they found it fit to come to the Ngamiland area to help students achieve their goals and even help them in areas of entrepreneurship skills, public skills and linking them with relevant stakeholders through forums and workshops. Botswana Student Network in Maun would help bring activities such as tertiary fair, which is only done in Gaborone and Francistown.


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