Botswana To Treat All HIV-Infected Individuals Despite Their CD4 Counts

On a very positive note, the government has adopted new guidelines on HIV treatment. The Ministry of Health has confirmed its decision to adopt the World Health Organisation (WHO) of treating all HIV-infected individuals regardless of their CD4 counts or clinical stage.

Open hand raised, Stop HIV sign painted, multi purpose concept - isolated on white background

The Ministry has circulated a memo to hospitals that the decision has been taken in the context of emerging evidence confirming the clinical and programmatic benefits of early treatment of the HIV disease. From 1 June 2016 all persons testing HIV-positive would be illegible and should initiate standard antiretroviral therapy (ART) drugs as soon as possible after diagnosis.

In addition to new eligibility criteria, all new patients initiating ART would be given the new drug Dolutegravir (DTG). Big up to Botswana, we are advancing to a more health nation as one of the vision 2016 pillars requires.


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