Botswana’s top 3 young female athletes

Sport success is usually attached to men but here in Botswana young women are breaking the glass and changing that notion. They have dedicated their lives and even at times sacrificing their studies, YES their future because they dearly love sport and they only seek success. In today’s edition we bring you some of Botswana’s most amazing youth female athletes who are penetrating it big in the sporting fraternity.


Now based in the USA, Naomi is a beneficiary of the BNSC elite sponsorship. She has been making it big in the swimming circles in her junior years and she continues to dominate. She is a woman who seek for more and simply do that; doing more.


The young tennis star has been representing the country in many tournaments across all over Africa. Her dominance of an athlete can not go unnoticed, she has garnered herself so much trophies. Also she was an athlete of the year one time. She is currently competing in South Africa at the ITF Grade 5 Junior event in Potschefstroom in South Africa.


Who would not recognize this name? During the 2017 World NETBALL Champions she was a force to be reckoned with in the blue,black and white team. She outdid herself and has since been a darling to many Batswana. We are unable to tell her whereabouts currently but she sure is a star.

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