How was the 2021/22 national budget planned?

Below are the answers by the Minister of Finance and Economic Development- Honourable Dr. Thapelo Matsheka to various questions as asked by Members of Parliament in their responses to the budget speech.

  1. The annual budget is based on our NDPs and their MTRs; in this case the MTR of NDP 11.
  2. NDPs are themselves medium term plans drawing from our national vision; NDP 11 drew from Vision 2036
  3. It is therefore through the annual budgets that we implement our medium term plans, being NDP 11 and its MTR Principles.
  4. Public finance: the role of government is to collect revenues and distribute it through provision of public services and funding the running costs of government
  5. Social and electoral contract: government has a social and electoral contract with citizens with the expectation that the money collected through tax will be efficiently allocate Process.
  6. The process entails setting of financial or budget ceilings based on forecasts or projections of the revenues yet to be collected
  7. There is an extensive consultative process involving project review, Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) and the Estimates Committee with Ministries, Departments and Agencies
  8. The purpose of the consultations is to ensure alignment with government policy and the expected resource availability for that particular year ahead
  9. Budget Dipitso are usually conducted for all stakeholders including general stakeholders, Local Authorities and MPs, but due to COVID-19, it was not possible to host them for this year’s budget. The Budget Strategy Paper was still circulated to stakeholders for appreciation and comments nevertheless.

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