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Cardi B Explains Why “She Always dated guys that had money”

Cardi B used to be “so cutthroat” in her business endeavours but now her husband Offset thinks she is too “nice”.
Cardi B used to be “so cutthroat”.

The ‘I Like It’ hitmaker admits there was a time where she was so ruthless in her business endeavours but now her husband Offset thinks she is too “nice”.

Speaking with Vogue’s creative director Sally Singer at the Forces of Fashion conference, she said: “I used to feel like I was so cutthroat and to the point, like nobody can finesse me, I know this s**t. Nowadays, my husband is telling me, ‘You’re too nice to people. That’s why you’re always getting into lawsuits. That’s why people are always taking more money than you expected them to take from you. You’re too nice. You need to understand that this is a business. Business, business, business.’ It’s hard for me because that’s not how my parents raised me. I cannot just see you as a colleague or as an associate. I always make people like my family, but certain don’t people see you as your family, they see you as a business. They see you as money. I thought I was so hard and cutthroat but I’m really not. I have to keep evolving and be more strict.”

Cardi previously admitted she has more desire to earn money since she became a mother to Kulture 15 months ago.

She admitted: “I can never be comfortable. I used to think my mom was paranoid. But as you get older you understand what your mom be talking to you about. I always dated guys that had money. But I didn’t have the money. What happens if we separate? I don’t want to be asking you for stuff – no, that’s not my style.”

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