Chris Brown Disappointed By Rihanna’s Reaction To Confession That He Was Planning To Propose

Uh oh! It sounds like Chris Brown revealing he was going to propose to Rihanna (before he ended up beating her) didn’t have the results he intended. A source tells HollywoodLife.com that he’s ‘disappointed’ by her reaction. Here’s why!

This is awkward. Chris Brown, 28, admitted in hisnew film, Welcome To My life that he planned to propose to Rihanna, 29, when they were dating all those years ago. Fans were stunned to hear that he wanted to spend his life with a woman that he ended up assaulting. However, a hip hop insider told the media that there was a secret motive behind the reveal. Unfortunately, it’s backfiring

“Chris wanted to get a reaction from Rihanna, that was the whole point of telling the world that he was planning to propose to her,” the insider explained. “He’s been trying to get her attention and it hasn’t really been working so he upped his game. And that still didn’t work. Rihanna hasn’t called, texted, nothing. He’s disappointed, he was expecting something more to come out of it.” Well, that’s a major bummer for Chris.

Unfortunately, Rihanna has recently moved on from her ex, though she did have feelings for him for years. Another insider told Hollywoodlife.com “Rihanna barely speaks to Chris these days. She’s aware that she really needs to move on from that chapter in her life and she’s finally getting there.” Chris can reach out all he wants, but it sounds like RiRi has made up her mind this time. “Chris still sends her text messages, but she’s doing her best to just ignore them.”


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