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Chris Brown Reveals He Was Suicidal After Assaulting Rihanna

Talented singer, Chris Brown has opened up about contemplating suicide after assaulting his then girlfriend Rihanna in his new ‘Welcome to My Life’ documentary trailer. He is using this documentary to revisit outstanding events in his life, and his tiff with Rihanna obviously made the cut. “Like real-life rock stars,” he says of his relationship to former flame Rihanna. “It was like a fantasy.”


That year in 2009, a then-19-year-old Brown was charged with assault after an argument with his then-girlfriend Rihanna escalated. This fight left Rihanna with a totally disfigured back and blue face. The news broke the internet, with everyone across the globe talking about it. He was accused of being a woman basher and obviously this took a toll on him.

All he wanted to do was take his life as he felt like a monster. He also admitted he wasn’t sleeping, eating nor eating during the time of the controversy, and he pre-occupied himself by simply ‘getting high’. The teaser ends on a resilient note as Breezy says, “If there was ever a doubt in your mind Chris Brown was done, he’s finished… I wouldn’t bet on it.”

Watch the documentary trailer here—->http://entertainment.inquirer.net/193742/chris-brown-opens-up-on-rihanna-assault-in-new-documentary


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