DITSHWANELO defends a murderer

A Human Rights movement- Ditshwanelo has come to the murderer’s defense after Botswana Prisons Services hanged one death row inmate this morning.

In their press statement in defense of Mr. Phemelo Botogeleng, DITSHWANELO says the Government should “explore other forms of punishment for capital offences, as a demonstration of its commitment to respect the dignity of all human beings – including that of offenders.”

According to DITSHWANELO, murder is a consequence of a greater challenge of societal degeneration. The movement believes that the government should instead address the cause of anti-social behavior which may result in commiting such crimes as murder.

“DITSHWANELO remains opposed to and condemns the use of the death penalty as a means of punishment. We continue to appeal to our Government to take the lead in condemning (and not, itself using) the use of force, which leads to the loss of life and instead strive to protect life, including that of the offender. DITSHWANELO remains steadfast in its belief in the responsibility to protect the right to life” the movement held.

As the constitutional review and ammendment has been much talked about, DITSHWANELO urges the government to include protection of the right to a dignified life, including the life of offenders.

Meanwhile, the movement has received a lot of critisism for presenting itself as the movement which is only heard defending murderers. Comments on Facebook disapproved of DITSHWANELO saying the movement was nowhere to be seen or heard when Botogeleng disregarded his girlfriend and child’s right to life.

The commentators are of the view that DITSHWANELO never talk or act when the victims cry out or when or when news break that someone has been killed. Though they talk about addressing societal degeneration, the movement has been accused of doing nothing itself towards character building but always quick to defend offenders.

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