Everything you need to know about Han-C told

That tiny voice that has been grilling at your head sure has a level greatness at it. Han-C with his light voice and great singing range sure is getting to stardom while he gets all the way up lets get to know him in person;

  1. His full names are Hanceford Magapatona.
  2. Han-C is only 24 years.
  3. He has made finals of the once popular My African Dream.
  4. Han-C is a great ambassador for all the young and unrecognized music talents.
  5. He owns a piano and started composing and arranging music at age 9.
  6. His first studio recorded single is called Destiny which was recorded in Mahalapye at Commotion Entertainments records.
  7. Han-C is a great dancer, his singing comes second.

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