Former President Ian Khama Responds to “Childish” Carter Morupisi

Former President Seretse Khama Ian Khama Respond to “Childish” Carter Morupisi in a letter widely shared on social media.

It was not clear in your correspondence when you stated initially that I am relieved of the position of Champion and in the next sentence you write I am immediately relived as Champion which suggests reinstatement that contradicts the initial sentence.

However, I will then assume based on the vindictive nature of your regime that the actuai intention is to remove me as Champion by the outgoing President.

If it’s a spelling mistake it reflects a comedy of errors typical of yourselves (refer to the BDF Commander’s letter in this regard) as well as not addressing me correctly. I wish to point out that I publicly resigned from being Champion of Vision 2036 on the 25th of May in Serowe. I therefore do not see the point of your letter coming so late on the 25 July and after I had already resigned. Of course I am aware that late coming is another poor habit in your regime. I took the step at the time as a result of another vindictive decision to remove me as Tourism Ambassador.

As you go about your childish antics of trying to reieve or relive me of all the positions I hold, allow me to bring to your attention that I am the Chancellor of the Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Once that has also been taken away from me, I shall share with you other positions I hold for similar actions for your kind consideration.

I hope there are no spelling errors in this correspondence as I attempted to avoid any clumsy haste to frustrate.

Eseng mo go Kgosi Kgolo

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