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Government Approves 6% Adjustment Of Minimum Wage Rates

It is with great pleasure to note that the Government of Botswana has approved a 6% adjustment of Minimum Wage Rates for 2016/2017 across the board and by P37.00 for the Agricultural sector. The new adjustments will take effect from today and are as follows:


Trade /Industry<<<>>>>Basic Minimum Wage

1. Building, Construction, Exploration and Quarry Industries>>P5.46 per hour
2 Wholesale Distributive Trade >>P5.46 per hour
3 Manufacturing, Service and Repair Trades >>P5.46 per hour
4. Hotel, Catering and Entertainment Trades >>P5.46 per hour
5 Garage, Motor Trade and Road Transport >>P5.46 per hour
6. Retail Distributive Trade >>P4.85 per hour
7. Watchmen employed in the above Industries and Trades or any sector thereof >>P4.61 per hour
8. Security Guards employed by security companies >>P5.46 per hour
9. Domestic Service Sector >>P3.03 per hour
10 Agricultural Sector>> P620.00 per month

Employers in the above listed trades/industries should therefore ensure that they do not pay their employees below the stipulated new minimum wage rates. Failure to do so will be a violation of Section 138 of the Employment Act, Cap. 47:01 and punishable in terms of section 151 (d) of the same Act.

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